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What Type of Documents Should I Bind?

When purchasing a binding machine, for a specific purpose (ie an important presentation or to create your own wedding album) you will be amazed at how many other things will require to be protected and in turn stored away. Some of the more popular things to bind are listed below, and there are many different ways to make the most of your binding machine - if you think of something unusual please let us know and we will add to our list.

What to bind in the Office:

  • Research Results & Status Reports
  • Presentations
  • Sales Tools, Training Manuals & Company Policies
  • Project Information & Reference Documents
  • Proposals, Tenders, Contracts & Legal Documents
Bound Presentation Document

What to bind at Home:

  • Calendars & Diaries
  • Recipe Books & Scrapbooks
  • Photo Albums (including creating your own wedding album)
  • Writing Assignments
  • Address & Phone Books
Bound Wedding Album

Educational Uses:

  • Teaching Guides
  • Dissertations & Essays
  • Emergency Books & Fire Regulations
  • Incident books & Class Lists
  • Address & Phone Books
Bound Document